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ARTD is a leading public policy consultancy firm, providing services in evaluation, research and strategy since 1989.

We work with government agencies and non-government organisations around Australia in the human services, education, health, disability and environment sectors. 


Planning with people with disability

Want to get the voice of people with disability in policy planning or program evaluation, but unsure how to go about it? In NSW, government agencies and local councils need to develop disability inclusion action plans (DIAPs)...

Devil in the detail: Why ethics processes for evaluation must be revisited

Formal ethics approval processes designed to protect study participants are often causing their own unintended harms in the context of program evaluation. This is the somewhat controversial message, Principal Consultants Sue...

Capturing outcomes with Caretakers Cottage

Through the Expert Advice Exchange (EAX), ARTD have worked witrih Caretakers Cottage to capture the outcomes of their transitional accommodation service, Options Youth Housing. The EAX, an initiative of the NSW...