How we will work with you

In each project, our first step is to meet with you to discuss your needs and confirm the most appropriate approach and a detailed workplan for your project.

The following characteristics underpin our approach in all projects.

  • Collaborative but independent: We work with clients and stakeholders to ensure projects are strategic and respond to identified and emerging needs, risks and opportunities. At the same time we maintain the distance required to produce credible evaluation, research and review findings and policies and plans that balance diverse stakeholder interests.
  • Planned but flexible: We start out with a schedule of tasks to meet project deadlines, but revise this in response to changes in your policy and/or operational context, as well as emerging needs and opportunities.
  • Rigorous but real-world: We select the right design for data collection to suit your context – the questions you need to answer, the certainty with which you need to answer them, your timeframes and available resources. The burden of data collection is always balanced against benefits.
  • Policy-relevant but not captured : We provide advice and solutions that address strategic priorities and can be implemented in the real world. But we’re not captured by the status quo. We look for opportunities for innovation and improvement.
  • Sensitive and culturally appropriate: We adhere to ethical guidelines and protocols for data collection, storage and use, respecting all participants, and following relevant cultural protocols. When working, with Indigenous communities, we engage our long-term Indigenous associates and work in partnership with Indigenous communities, consistent with the [insert guidelines names]. When working on policy for people with disability and mental health issues, we follow the principle of ‘nothing about us without us’.

We have policies, processes and systems to ensure we meet your needs. For each project, we put together the team with the combined technical capability, policy knowledge and prior experience to successfully deliver the project. A Principal Consultant is allocated to each project to provide oversight and quality control at all stages. An experienced staff member provides project management, ensuring all tasks are implemented effectively and on schedule, and keeping you informed so there are ‘no surprises’. ARTD Directors ensure the project team has the required management support, facilities and resources.