SRE & SEE Review

2015 Review of Special Religious Education and Special Education in Ethics in NSW government schools

Welcome to the home page where contributions to the Review can be made by parents/ carers, Special Religious Education teachers and Special Education in Ethics teachers and other interested parties.

The review is underway and will inform ongoing improvement of SRE and SEE for the Department and providers. The review is not being conducted to determine whether SRE or SEE should be offered in NSW public schools.

Why is the review being conducted?

In 2012 the NSW Legislative Council General Purpose Standing Committee No 2, chaired by the Hon Marie Ficarra MLC released a report on the Education Amendment (Ethics Classes Repeal) Bill 2011. This report recommended that Special Education in Ethics classes should continue in NSW government primary schools. The report made a number of recommendations aimed at improving the implementation and delivery of Special Religious Education and Special Education in Ethics.

Recommendation 14 of the report requires that ‘a future independent review of both ethics classes and SRE be conducted by appropriately qualified early childhood educational reviewers in 2014-2015’.

Additional information about the review can be found at

How to have your say using this contributions portal

You can have your say using the contribution forms we have provided once the review consultation phase starts in mid-March. There are separate forms for parents/ carers, SRE teachers, SEE teachers and other interested parties.


Online contribution for parents/ carers

Online contribution for SRE teachers

Online contribution for SEE teachers

Online contribution for other interested parties


The final date for contributions is 31 July 2015.

Queries or complaints about the way the review is conducted

This research project is conducted according to the NHMRC National Statement on Ethical Conduct in Human Research (see

If you have questions or concerns associated with your participation in the review, or wish to raise a complaint about the conduct of the review, please contact the Leader, Quality Assurance at All complaints will be treated confidentially.

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