Our work with Camp Quality

March 2011

ARTD recently worked with Camp Quality on a major national research project to find out more about the needs of children with cancer, their siblings and parents throughout their cancer journey, and how Camp Quality and other cancer support organisations could better meet these needs.

The project involved focus groups with Camp Quality children with cancer, their siblings and parents at 18 camps across Australia, a survey of Camp Quality families, an online survey of relevant health professionals, and a literature review. Camp Quality is using the findings of the research to inform further development of the programs they deliver to support families around Australia.

ARTD published in the Australian Journal of Primary Health

March 2011

ARTD Consultants Margaret Thomas and Narelle Ong recently worked with the Clinical Education and Training Institute, Rural Division (previously the NSW Institute of Rural Clinical Services and Teaching) to evaluate the Rural Research Capacity Building Program. The NSW Health Framework for Capacity Building—which highlights elements of workforce development, organisational development, resource allocation, leadership and partnership—was used to guide both the development and implementation of the program and the program evaluation. As part of the Institute’s overall evaluation, ARTD interviewed health professionals in the Program, and analysed the data to assess the Program’s effectiveness in improving research capacity among rural health professionals and the impact in their workplaces. The evaluation also identified barriers to research capacity building in rural NSW health services and possible improvements to the Program. The paper they co-authored with our clients, Dr Emma Webster and Ms Linda Cutler, has now been published in the Australian Journal of Primary Health, Volume 17, No 1 2011 p107–113.

ARTD report tabled in Parliament

March 2011

ARTD completed the five-yearly legislative review of the Medicare Provider Number legislation on behalf of the Department of Health and Ageing in 2010. The review involved extensive consultation with the sector, in particular medical colleges, professional bodies and relevant government officers. The review report was tabled in Federal parliament in February and is available on the Department of Health website.

Writing at ARTD

March 2011

We take our writing seriously at ARTD. We know our clients need reports that clearly and concisely answer their key questions. Our staff have trained with Mark Tredinnick, author of The Little Black Book of Business Writing. You can find out more about Mark’s writing and consulting work on his website.

We also have internal processes to ensure the quality of our written documents. ARTD’s Principal Consultants sign off on all reports, and we have an experienced editor on staff.