Evaluation of Lifeline Online Crisis Support Chat

August 2012

In 2011, Lifeline trialled an online crisis support chat service that aimed to replicate Lifeline’s 13 11 44 telephone crisis service in an online environment. We worked with Lifeline to evaluate the trial at the three sites using data from the online counselling system, analysis of chat transcripts and  interviews and focus groups with crisis workers. Lifeline used the results of the evaluation to further develop the Crisis Support Chat Service. And the service was recently launched as a permanent, nationwide service, announced in the Sydney Morning Herald.

Pro bono work for Kool Kids

Aricle Image for Pro bono work for Kool Kids

August 2012

The Kool Kids Club, delivered by Weave, runs free after school and holiday and activity programs in La Perouse and surrounding areas. Two of our consultants supported the Club by developing a program logic describing the outcomes for children, their families and community and evaluating the activities. The evaluation found the club is delivering an age- and culturally-appropriate program of activities consistent with the program logic and it is valued by children, families and the local community We are now mentoring staff to develop and implement tools to collect data on outcomes so the Club can monitor its own work.

Andrew Hawkins’ presentation on evaluating online services now available online

August 2012

ARTD Senior Consultant Andrew Hawkins’ presentation—an introduction to evaluating websites and online services—to the NSW Australasian Evaluation Society (AES) meeting in Sydney in May 2012—is now available online. Those who missed out but are keen to learn  more about the basic concepts for evaluating websites—search engine optimisation, accessibility, use and useability—and relevant links and resources can find out more here.

ARTD a key contributor to the Australasian Evaluation Society 2012 conference

August 2012

We recognise the importance of keeping up to date with evolving research methods and collaborating with our professional colleagues to share learnings. For this reason, ARTD is again a proud sponsor of this year’s Australasian Evaluation Society Conference, which will be held in Adelaide on 27–31 August.

This year’s conference is about Evaluation in a Changing World. Three of our Consultants will be grappling with the implications of the implications of an evolving context for our evaluation approaches and methods, presenting papers at the conference.

Senior Consultant, Andrew Hawkins will present Evaluation and Government 2.0.

August 2012

One of the most obvious ways in which the world is changing is the degree to which the world’s information is being created, organised and disseminated using the internet. Government sponsored services are also increasingly delivered over the internet. As evaluators are information workers trying to understand government services it follows that evaluators should have some understanding of the internet and what makes for an effective online service. Andrew will discuss what you would need to know if you were asked to evaluate a service delivered partially or wholly over the internet.

Consultant, Narelle Ong will present Health service policy uptake: evaluating and influencing change through an action research approach

August 2012

The presentation will describe an evaluation of a complex mental health policy, which is part of a high-profile national initiative (the National Perinatal Depression Initiative). Narelle will talk about the ARTD team’s experience of using an action research approach to influence change across a large and complex system of approximately two hundred health services.

To find out more about the conference visit the AES 2012 conference website.

ARTD sponsors IPAA Collaboration Award

August 2012

Collaboration is increasingly a key part of effective government responses to addressing complex issues, like homelessness for example. ARTD is delighted to be sponsoring the NSW branch of the Institute of Public Administration Australia’s (IPAA) 2012 Collaboration Award. The Collaboration Award recognises individuals who

  • have established effective joint working arrangements that bring together colleagues from multiple teams, departments or other organisations
  • can clearly identify and communicate the benefits of a collaborative approach
  • have delivered improved, coordinated and efficient services.

Because we know how important collaboration can be to effective service responses in a range of areas, we are proud to be involved in recognising the work of public sector professionals who have achieved excellence in collaboration.

The awards will be presented at a cocktail reception after the IPAA NSW State Conference on Thursday 9 August.