HCWA Package evaluation findings at the PsychDD conference

November 2012

ARTD evaluated the Department of Families, Housing, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs’ (FaHCSIA) components of the Commonwealth Government’s Helping Children with Autism Package over three years from 2009–2012. The evaluation findings about the Package, which centred on a new mechanism for funding early intervention services for children with autism—$12,000 of funding for families to use with services on an approved panel of providers before the time their child turns seven—provided some important learnings for individualised funding approaches for children with disability and for supporting families. Given this, ARTD and FaHCSIA were asked to present at the PsychDD conference on November 30 in Sydney. The presentation covered the evaluation findings and how FaHCSIA had responded to the suggested refinements. See the Department's website for the summary and full reports from the evaluation and the management response.