Evaluating capacity building and organisational change for achieving health improvement goals

December 2012

Principal Consultant Dr Margaret Thomas recently presented a paper at the European Conference of the International Union for Health Promotion and Education, held in Tallinn, Estonia. Margaret’s paper offered a theory-based approach to evaluating capacity building and organisational change. For her presentation she drew on ARTD evaluation projects where there was a focus on assessing the outcomes of capacity building and organisational change efforts for health improvement goals. See the conference website for more informationl.

Advice on State of the Public Sector in NSW report

December 2012

The Public Sector Employment and Management Act (PSEMA) requires the Public Service Commissioner to present a report on the state of the public sector in NSW to the Premier each year. While other Australian and international jurisdictions have been producing these kinds of reports for some time as an accountability measure, the NSW Public Service Commission (PSC) as a new and independent body, wanted to use their reports as a communication tool and to position the NSW PSC to best achieve their aims in a changing public sector context. Over six weeks, ARTD and our partners (academics from Monash University and visual communications specialists from Equation), worked with the PSC to define the strategic directions for State of the Public Sector reporting in NSW to meet legislative and other objectives and then define the message, structure, content and design of the 2012 report.

ARTD provided the NSW PSC with a work plan that reflected the tight time frames for the 2012 report. The work plan also balanced the objectives of achieving best practice reporting whilst minimising the burden of data collection for agencies and staff.

The report was released in November 2012, titled How it is: state of the NSW public sector report 2012