Evaluation of Proud Schools Pilot published

August 2014

ARTD’s comprehensive formative evaluation of Stage 2 of the Proud Schools Pilot is now available on the NSW Department of Education and Communities’ website. The purpose of the Pilot was to develop a framework to support secondary schools to address homophobia, transphobia and heterosexism, and provide a safe and supportive environment for same sex attracted and gender questioning students. Research showed these young people have too often been subjected to bullying at school because of their sexual orientation. The evaluation of the Pilot in 12 schools found that it is feasible for schools to make positive changes in the school climate towards same sex attracted and gender questioning young people in the short term. Using a whole-of-school approach was more effective than single strategies. You can find the full report here.

ARTD work with DSS to develop a streamlined approach to programme performance reporting

August 2014

The Commonwealth Department of Social Services (DSS) new Data Exchange Framework streamlines the Department’s services into seven broad programs with simpler reporting requirements. ARTD Director, Michael Brooks, and Principal Consultant, Klas Johansson, supported DSS to develop the new approach. Funded services now report against a small set of priority requirements about their clients and the services they are providing. They can choose to report an extended data set, including the reason for seeking assistance, referrals (in and out), housing composition, income status, programme-specific data items, and outcomes data using Standard Client Outcomes Reporting (SCORE). An new IT system supports the transfer of data between funded services, and DSS provides regular reports back to services. These reports include not only the extended data set submitted by funded services, but draw on government data, population data and client surveys. You can find out more about the DSS Data Exchange Framework here.