Andrew Hawkins appointed Evaluation Fellow

March 2015

Principal Consultant Andrew Hawkins has been appointed as an Evaluation Fellow at the Centre for Program Evaluation, Melbourne Graduate School of Education, University of Melbourne. He is currently mentoring a student completing their capstone project for their Master of Evaluation degree. 

Approach to partnership assessment published in peer-reviewed journal

Aricle Image for Approach to partnership assessment published in peer-reviewed journal

March 2015

Check out the March issue of the Evaluation Journal of Australasia for a peer-reviewed article about evaluating partnerships from our Senior Consultant Florent Gomez-Bonnet and Principal Consultant Dr Margaret Thomas. They describe an innovative approach to evaluating partnerships, an increasingly important mode of delivering public services. It combines three methods to get a more complete picture of a partnership, with each method capturing data at different levels: 

  • a partnership survey (adapted from the Nuffield Partnership Assessment Tool) at the overall level
  • an integration measure (based on the Human Service Integration Measure developed by Brown and colleagues in Canada) between organisations
  • a Social Network Analysis (using UCINET) between individuals.

The diagram represents the underlying conceptual framework.

Australasian Evaluation Society members can download the full article here, non-members here. The article follows Florent and Margaret’s successful presentation at the 2014 AES Conference in Darwin. (If you missed it, you can see their slides on the AES website).