Evaluation strategy for Murray-Darling project

May 2015

The Murray-Darling Basin Environmental Water Knowledge and Research project is a five-year collaborative research project to improve the knowledge base for managing environmental water in the Basin. ARTD designed the evaluation strategy for the project on behalf of the Murray-Darling Freshwater Research Centre, which is coordinating the project for the Australian Government Department of the Environment. The project involved two rounds of stakeholder consultation to develop the evaluation strategy, including a program logic and detailed evaluation work plan for the two phases of the project.

Guide for services working with children and young people with disability

May 2015

ARTD worked with ADHC and a reference group of representatives from service providers and peak bodies to develop an addendum to the Standards in Action manual to guide services working with children and young people with disability and their families. The addendum provides tips and practice examples to help Family and Community Services (ADHC) operated and funded services working with children aged less than 16 years and young people aged between 16 and 18 years meet the NSW Disability Services Standards and the principles of the Disability Inclusion Act 2014. It also outlines principles for working effectively with children, young people and their families that specialist, mainstream and community-based services can use to guide their practice. You can access the Addendum from the ADHC website.