Our Associates & Partnerships

We value diversity in perspectives and believe that two heads are always better than one. We have developed a network of longstanding associates and partnerships with other organisations that bring the right expertise and valuable connections to our work and support meaningful engagement with diverse communities. We are always looking to build new relationships with organisations and expert associates. Please contact us if you would like to discuss a partnership.


Tracey Whetnall Photo

Tracey Whetnall
Senior Associate

Simon Jordan Photo

Simon Jordan
Senior Associate


Northern Institute, Charles Darwin University Photo

Northern Institute, Charles Darwin University
Realist Evaluation Partner

This partnership combines our skills in public policy with the Northern Institute’s network of associates, including Indigenous researchers, and leverages our shared realist approach to understanding the value of public policy and programs. The partnership includes Professorial Research Fellow Gill Westhorp who leads the Realist Research Evaluation and Learning Initiative (RREALI).

Economic Analysis

Balmoral Group Photo

Balmoral Group
Economic Analysis Partner

We work with the Balmoral group as consortium partners on environmental projects, combining our evaluation expertise with their skills in economic analysis. The Balmoral group is an engineering and consulting firm that seeks to address the nexus of public policy and socio-economic impacts of infrastructure, water resources and environment. They specialise in optimisation and decision-making, based on economic theory and geospatial modelling applications, to support policy analysis.

Disability sector

Floyd and Engels Photo

Floyd and Engels
Disability Sector Partner

We often partner with Floyd and Engels on disability sector projects. Sharon Floyd has decades of experience working closing with people with disability to develop and implement policy and mentoring people with disability through the Leaders for Tomorrow Program. Jen Engels has recognised expertise in quality standards and auditing of disability organisations and herself has lived experience of disability.

Information Access Group Photo

Information Access Group
Disability Sector Partner

When consulting with people with intellectual and cognitive disability, we work with our partner, The Information Access Group, to produce Easy Read information and consent forms and a consultation guide to enable people to share their views, without someone leading their responses. Easy Read is a method of presenting information in a way that is easy to understand. In its simplest form, it uses images to support text, a large font size and plenty of white space to increase readability. Easy Read is currently used extensively for audiences with a disability. It is also becoming more widely used for audiences with low literacy levels or where English is an additional language. The Information Access Group specialise in producing communication materials that are easy to read and they have worked with a range of government organisations to make their consultation processes accessible.

Monitoring and benchmarking

Evaluation Solutions Photo

Evaluation Solutions
Monitoring and Benchmarking Partner

We have a 10-year partnership with Evaluation Solutions, an innovative consulting company specialising in online surveys and data collection. We combine our understanding of data system design, with their secure and agile online system to develop and pilot and refine monitoring systems. We have worked with Evaluation Solutions to deliver complex online surveys, work activity tools, and performance monitoring systems for government-funded programs.

SmarterSoft Photo

Monitoring and Benchmarking Partner

We have partnered with SmarterSoft, an innovative technology service provider delivering customisable cloud-based data collection, validation and workflow solutions, for a number of ARTD projects. Their data management platform is proven in the government, not-for-profit (NGO) and private sectors and their software solutions are fully supported and hosted in Australia.