Our People

Partners and Directors

Michael Brooks Photo

Michael Brooks

High level strategy and facilitation, and performance frameworks

Andrew Hawkins Photo

Andrew Hawkins

Strategic Monitoring and Evaluation, Program Logic, Evaluation Capacity Building

Jade Maloney Photo

Jade Maloney

Policy development, consultation, evaluation and communications—disability and social services.

Sue Leahy Photo

Sue Leahy
Managing Director

Evaluation, consultation and facilitation—human services, education and organisational development.

Wendy Hodge Photo

Wendy Hodge

Research and evaluation—health, education and human services.

Fiona Christian Photo

Fiona Christian

Research, monitoring, advanced statistical analysis—human services.

Klas Johansson Photo

Klas Johansson

Monitoring systems and data analysis—human services, health, and disability.

Senior Managers and Managers

Brad Astbury Photo

Brad Astbury
Senior Manager

Evaluation design, methodology, mixed methods & impact evaluation

Janet Kidson Photo

Janet Kidson

Quantitative data systems and analysis.

Marita Merlene Photo

Marita Merlene

Evaluation and research—quantitative and qualitative, human services and education.

Christine Eastman Photo

Christine Eastman

Problem solving, complex statistical analysis

Katherine Rich Photo

Katherine Rich

Evaluation and Research – quantitative and qualitative

Gerard Atkinson Photo

Gerard Atkinson

Evaluation, research and data analysis—quantitative and qualitative, arts and culture.

Senior Consultants and Consultants

Kerry Hart Photo

Kerry Hart
Senior Consultant

Qualitative research and consultation—education and disability

Jasper Odgers Photo

Jasper Odgers
Senior Consultant

Quantitative and qualitative analysis, advanced survey design and implementation.

Rachel Aston Photo

Rachel Aston
Senior Consultant

Qualitative research and analysis—human services, youth, education

Melanie Darvodelsky Photo

Melanie Darvodelsky
Senior Consultant

Qualitative research and analysis

David Wakelin Photo

David Wakelin
Senior Consultant

Quantitative and qualitative analysis

Ruby Leahy Gatfield Photo

Ruby Leahy Gatfield
Senior Consultant

Qualitative research and analysis

Ken Fullerton Photo

Ken Fullerton

Qualitative research and policy development

Imogen Williams Photo

Imogen Williams

Qualitative research and analysis


Kieran Sobels Photo

Kieran Sobels

Qualitative research and analysis

Jack Cassidy Photo

Jack Cassidy

Quantitative analysis and systematic research

Office Management

Sarah Schofield Photo

Sarah Schofield
Administration Manager

Accounting and systems management