ARTD is a leading public policy consulting firm. Our core business is working with government agencies and non-government organisations to make evidence-informed policy decisions; co-design service models and delivery strategies; plan for, track and evaluate outcomes; and continuously improve performance.

We can help you:

  • Decide—we provide a range of services to help leaders identify and piece together the available evidence to decide on the best policy option.
  • Design—we work with our clients to engage their communities and stakeholders to inform policy and program design.
  • Deliver—we provide advice, guidelines, monitoring systems and mentoring to help organisations implement policies and programs.
  • Describewe gather credible evidence on what your stakeholders and clients are thinking and map service systems and sector contexts.
  • Evaluate—we conduct evaluations and reviews that are rigorous, ethical and focused on real-world outcomes and support clients to build their capacity for evaluation.
  • Learn—we offer a suite of practice-based workshops to support organisations to plan for and deliver on their intended outcomes, supported by follow-up mentoring options.